Sunday, June 1, 2014

Baby Girl turns FOUR!!

Again, it has been forever since I have taken the time to sit down and right about our lives. I am going to regret the long absence as it is so hard to remember day-to-day life after it happens.
But, yesterday was baby girl's 4th birthday!!! We started the day with a few presents from Mommy and Daddy. Kaitlyn LOVES Frozen and there is hardly anything Frozen to be found these days. I waited in line for an hour at the Disney store a week ago to get 4 6" dolls and an Olaf book. CRAZY!!!
Anyway, Kait got the dolls, a Pink Shoe 4 doll Barbie set to go with a DVD she already has, the Olaf book, some legos, an Elsa dress that was made on Etsy since the Disney ones are impossible to find, and a doll outfit. Mimi send Kait some cash that she has already spent some of on a Beanie Boo that she has named Sparkle Pup and a Cinderella carriage that is actually a bubble maker. she and Colin have had a blast already playing with the bubbles. Gigi sent Kait's very FIRST AMERICAN GIRL doll. She was ECSTATIC!!! Her name is Caroline and Kaitlyn is loving changing her and caring for her throughout the day. :)
After presents, we played for a while and then went to the pool and Daddy went to get the kids Zaxby's which is a new fave of Kaitlyn's. We stayed at the pool about 2 hours, but Ryan and Mike left early because Ryan fought off a fever the majority of the day. Kait then got to spend an hour at her new friend, Sydney's house while I went to pick up her cake and the rest of the day was spent playing and going to get pizza last night.
Today we celebrated Kaitlyn with a friend Birthday party. It had a Frozen theme and Kaitlyn was thrilled. I worked hard getting all of the pieces together and got to the pool an hour early to lug everything in and setup. As soon as I got there, the skies turned a dark gray and the sprinkling rain started in. Nothing too heavy, but enough to keep me from setting up in the open area pool deck. The pool I chose was supposed to be notoriously empty here in our neighborhood, but I guess that secret is out because it was PACKED!!! 2 other parties were going on!! Because of the rain, I didn't get to start setting up until about 10 minutes before everyone got there. I wasn't changed in to my bathing suit...very behind considering I started off so early! I finally got everything set up about 3:45 and within 5 minutes I turn around and here yelling from a random mom to get out of the pool. We look down the pool length and there is a pool light out and hanging by a thread. I guess a child was climbing out and used it to get a boost and it worked loose?? Anyway, so 15-20 minutes into the party we were all sidelined indefinitely. UGH!!!
So, we got food and did Happy Birthday with cake and then just played around for a bit and then the party broke up about 4:30. Fastest birthday party in history. Then I told everyone that we would head to Osprey and take up there and what happens....but THUNDER!! I just can't win.
We finally called it a day with everyone at 5pm. Kind of anti-climatic that I spent all day preparing for her party and it only lasted 20 minutes. ugh!! Oh well...Kait didn't seem to mind and as everyone said...Check the box for Birthday #4. Invites - check, cake- check, friends - check, singing Happy Birthday - check. I guess the fact that we squished all of that celebrating into less than an hour can really be one for the books. AMAZING that we could move that fast through events. HA!
We ended tonight with opening of the friend gifts. Kaitlyn was thrilled with everything she got and cannot wait until tomorrow to get started playing. :)
Happy Birthday sweet girl. We love you to the moon and Back, "this much", and everything in between!!!

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